Saturday, October 6, 2018

nobody likes you

I was sitting next to Knox on our couch this afternoon and said, "Knox, Bebe was telling me last night that she told you Holden kinda looks like you. And you said, 'No, he doesn't, because I'm the cutest.'"

Knox said, "Yep."

I asked, "Did you say that because mom and I often tell you that you're the cutest?"

Knox bluntly said, "Yep."

I said, "But Knox, you know we say the same thing to Darcy and Holden. You're all just as cute as the other. You really think you're cuter than Holden?"

Knox looked at Holden sitting in my lap and nodded his head.

I said, "What about me and mommy? Who is cuter?"

Knox yelled, "Mommy!"

I said, "Alright, well that's true. But what about me and Jack?"

Knox grinned."Jack." 

And then Knox got a smirk on his face and said, "Nobody likes you."