Thursday, February 15, 2018

I'm serious about you.

It's nearly impossible to write about you.
You told me the same thing earlier.
It's mostly because we've told each other
once or twice a year for seven years
as many thoughts as we could.

But I figured out what it really is.
Why it's so hard to navigate
my feelings for you.

It's like trying to describe why you love
something that dug in to your bones
and seemingly redirected
the flow of your blood.

Isn't it easy to describe a thing you hate?
There are movies I hate. And I could
go on and on why I hated them.
But when I see a movie that gets me

it's just so hard for me
to even get started talking.
Why it hit me and made my thoughts
so big, they almost evaporated
like when you try to think of
how God has always been
and how the universe expands.

It's hard to write about something I love.
I want to make sure I get it just right
because it really is just like so.

One thing I can say is this. We may not
be the most youthful couple making out
in the park and staying up until
the butt crack of dawn just
talking like we used to.

But I can say that I am very serious
about you and all of this.
And as you know
far too well,

I get very very very serious
about the things I love.