Thursday, September 13, 2018

God doesn't want us to worship booties

I was putting Knox and Darcy to bed tonight, reading to them about David and Goliath. We finished the story, and I turned out the light. Lately, our routine is: both K and D pick a book and we read them both on the floor, then I turn off the light and we get in Darcy's bed on the bottom bunk, Knox lays on me while I pat him and sing a "me and Knox and Darcy" song, then Knox gets up in his top bunk, and I'll pat Darcy and then pat Knox.

After reading David and Goliath tonight, I went and turned off the light. I got in Darcy's bed and before Knox laid on me, he sat in front of me and looked at me and said, "God is the strongest god." (While reading, I had told them how Goliath needed a massive sword and shield, but David just needed his strong God.) And I replied, "Well, God is actually the only God." Knox sweetly said, "Oh, I didn't know that." And I said, "Yea. A lot of people in the world make up their own gods. And these gods aren't real. They're fake. And God tells us in the Bible that if we spend our lives worshipping other gods and not the one true God, we will not go to Heaven, and we will have spent our lives here on earth not actually walking with God." Knox said, "Oh." And I said, "There are tons of fake gods out there and so many different names for them. One is named Allah. One is Buddha." Darcy laughed and said, "That sounds like booty." And I laughed and said, "God doesn't want us to worship booties." And they thought that was hilarious and asked me to say it again. It's probably sacrilegious, but I said it several times. "God wants us to worship Him, not booties." And Knox said, "Can you sing a song about booties?"