Friday, February 26, 2010

Left on Laura, Left on Lisa

My friend, J.D., showed me this Avett Brothers video 3 or 4 months ago. It's live at the Cannery Ballroom in Nash. I've been watching it a lot lately and I can't help but scream along.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


remembering my still mind
easily pleased

the shriveled sun in the echoing
song burning in a smelly memory

the nights as Shakespeares
fusing around the bonfire

the Hot Apple Cinnamon Cider
and who knows what else in the kitchen


Oklahoma poetry

red oak scratches
sap dripping, bending sallow trees
sleepy weepy flop

her terrycloth socks cleft the creek
caught, arrested in slow pace.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My friend, Ben Cantwell - who most of you know, recently made a film for his 16mm film class, called "Sleep".

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pickwick Lake

On a socked-in, soupy swamp.

She glims the constellations, absent
- star gazing:

undone in her.

Something I Can't Give

I thought I'd be alright tonight.

But you

wear that low cut V-neck...
bend over lots...
flaunt a nice pair right in front of me...
suck on your finger to be cute (not cute)...
lick your lips far too often...

you can stop now...

I'm crudely ready for something
I cannot have

and cannot give.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alternate Meanings

Most of my folk
we'll finish wine
and keep the bottle.

* It adds decoration
to the top of the dresser.

The food coloring
is not good for you
but it paints pictures.

* note: Jackson Pollock
was drunk but splattered.

Mario Kart on N64
is for kids but also
resonates in me still.

* A 22 year old can jump back
and forth in times of boredom.

Celebration of Life

I wrote a poem about a year and a half ago, dedicated to the image I have of my mom the day she birthed me.

I don't typically think anything of birthdays, unless it allows me to see a rated R movie or get into concerts or drink in bars. But 22 is the first age no one cares about!

That being said, God is still telling me to carpe diem day after day throughout the year of 2010. I think I'm grasping a bit more and more what that means. God is telling me to think about what it means to turn a new age. And so I have created this video. It's all in chronological order.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Prayer: Haiti, Liberia, Ross Family

There is way too much on my heart right now. We need to be praying.

1) Pray for Haiti. For obvious reasons. They need our prayer desperately.

2) Pray for Liberia. Ben (my bro) blogged about Liberia earlier this week. There is a video below, if you are interested. It's a little less than an hour long, but it's well worth watching. If you're going to watch the video, there's no reason to read what I write. But to explain to those who don't find time to watch the video, please read.

The video touched my heart and really gave me a lot to think about. A group of people from Vice magazine went into Liberia and interviewed many ex-combatant Liberians and filmed all of it to raise awareness of all the crap going on. If other countries don't step in and help Liberia with their ridiculously weighty problems (rape, cannibalism, drugs, malaria, aids, shit and piss everywhere), then there is going to be a sad sad bloodbath that will happen... because the U.N. will leave West Point (worst place in Liberia) next year. The legacy of civil war in Liberia is staggering. It's the 4th poorest country in the world. 50% of the country is illiterate. 70% of the female population has been raped! 80% of the population is unemployed. And a large % of the pop. has eaten human flesh!!! One of the warlords responsible for these atrocities, who fought in all 3 civil wars, says that if the U.N. leaves, then the youth of Liberia will start a war in less than 3 hours. There will be millions of Liberians dying dramatic deaths. There have already been some devastating wars fought (butt naked) where children's hearts have been ripped out from their chests.

With our prayers, God can move in even more mysterious ways than our small minds can grasp.

3) Pray for the Ross family. Barb Ross (who worked in the C.P.A. cafeteria) is going through a lot of sadness right now and it absolutely breaks my heart. Her husband (Bill Ross) committed suicide last week. There is no need to explain how he did it.

Barb has 2 daughters. Kelly Ross (who is a senior at C.P.A.) and Casey Ross (who is also at C.P.A.). Obviously, there is a lot of emotion stirring in their hearts. Pray that C.P.A. would help the Ross family out with tuition and other finances (since the financial supporter of the family is now gone).

I don't know a lot of the people that go to C.P.A. nowadays, but from what Wade Holmes has told me, there is a lot of terrible stuff going on. This is Wade's first year that he isn't going to Destin with his senior guys' Discipleship group. The reason is because these guys wanna get drunk and don't want Wade around. So Wade isn't going because he doesn't wanna be held responsible for these guys drinking the whole time (there's not much he can do about it). But there's something God can do about it. I think God is going to stir a revival at C.P.A. And the incident with the Ross family could be a catalyst for that.

A lot of students at C.P.A. are making stupid choices. A C.P.A. sophomore committed suicide last year. Many many parents have died in the past couple years at C.P.A. Let's just say, there is a LOT of crap going on at C.P.A....good or bad. But I think this incident with the Ross family is going to spread like wild fire. It shows in this video (it actually sent chills up my spine).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Coffee and snow's rain

The car's inside is still when coffee spills
on the floor down the door.

The rain permeates the smell
that is the memory

- the only attachment I've made
with Winter.

And the snow, of course

I love it when the rain comes down
and makes holes in the snow.

It's well-formed,
the way a single drop plops down on your side
window and sprints across the glass to
explode into another drop that's
resting on the tip.


I got really frustrated last night. I was trying to leave my house to go teach my friend, Caleb Gregory, how to develop film and print negatives. BUT I couldn't leave my house until I found my R.C. and Fiber Base paper (it's somewhere in my house, Lord knows it!) I was getting so frustrated because I have about $80 of that paper somewhere in my house. I spent about an hour and a half looking for it. My number 1 weakness as a human is how frustrated I get when I can't find things. I'm pretty sure my bro is the same way.

I ended up leaving my house without it. Then, as I was helping Caleb develop his film, I did the dumbest thing ever. I was distracted because I was telling him about what's going on in Liberia and I accidentally opened the canister that his negatives were shut light-tight in. So I accidentally exposed his negatives to light. Let's just say, I am a guilt-tripper. I beat myself up worse than anyone I know. I felt so bad...

When I beat myself up or get extremely frustrated looking for something, I always see that I'm getting way too angry about something so small. And it makes me see all of the crap that's going wrong with me.

I'm just a little tired of seeing everything that's wrong with me. I've been praying a lot lately that God will help me love myself much more than I do. I don't treat myself well.

The other night at my church, Grace Center, the pastor was talking about kindness. He told story after story of all the moments in his life where God has shown him kindness. He made a really great point, saying, "God is so much more excited and willing to show you kindness if you are grateful to receive it."

I realized right then and there that I really am not grateful. I am pretty spoiled. I always say thanks when people do things for me... and I genuinely mean it. But I never do too much to reciprocate the love there.

The pastor, Alyn, ended his sermon on a really great note. He asked the congregation to show kindness this week. I left the sermon with my mom in mind. I really want to show her kindness every week (not just this one obviously).

Saturday, February 13, 2010

enfant gâté

The poet writes
without caring
just how many words
fit on a line.

The window
in front of his Dell
contains the streaks
from his dog's nose.

He is tempted
to flip through the pages
of his hefty Thesaurus
with a wet index finger.

But he sighs.
He looks at himself
in a mirror.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Neal Casal Photography

Preface: Only read this if you have a built appreciation for Ryan Adams and his Cardinals.

Last weekend, my brother and I were hanging out over at Caylin Cervetti's house (she is a friend of Cooper/Ben/Audrey/Amanda/Andrea). So Ben and I were sitting there listening to the Slumdog Millionaire OST and eating Indian food. Audrey looks over at me with wide, excited eyes.

She says, "Will, guess who is coming over! Neal Casal!"

I looked at her, confused, thinking to myself, "Hmmm...that name....whoa...Neal Casal?! As in, Cardinal Neal Casal? (Not to be confused with Cardinal Richelieu)

Neal Casal was a part of Ryan Adams and The Cardinals from 2005 all the way through early last year. If you don't remember, The Cardinals were formed back in 2004. Casal was a huge part of Easy Tiger, Follow the Lights, and Cardinology. Ryan Adams considers him the bedrock of The Cardinals. I think he meshed best with Adams' Rolling Stones/Guns N' Roses/Emmylou Harris/Oasis aesthetic. He has released 9 solo albums and has lent himself to many various projects, such as Hazy Malaze. Caylin Cervetti is a stand-in for Gwyneth Paltrow in her new movie, Love, Don't Let Me Down. Paltrow plays an addicted-to-drugs Faith Hill...and Casal is in Paltrow's band in the film.

So Ben and I are sitting there, mouths gaping, thinking, "Oh man....I look like a just woke up! Where are my sweet new kicks?"

So Casal walks in and we all shake his hand. At first, Ben and I try not to gush over him and let him know that we indeed know who he is. Someone asked him where he's from and he said he's been living in L.A. Ben looked at him and said, "Oh, I wasn't sure if you were still living in New York, since that's where you've been with The Cardinals." My mind fainted at that moment. I was thinking, "Ben! He's gonna pull a gun out and shoot you! He's gonna wanna dump your body in the TN river, so that you don't follow him back to his house and try to spoon with him!"

But Casal pulled his head up from eating his Indian food and politely said, "Oh, yea, noo..since The Cardinals broke up, I've been in L.A." He seemed a bit shocked that someone recognized him. Little does he know, he's sitting in a room with some people who fantasize about skateboarding with Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore...and that we tried to outdo Ryan Adams and Jon Graboff during their sock competition that was blogged pretty heavily... oh and that we stitched our very own denim jackets with the rose on the back.

So, Ben broke the ice. Now we could drive Casal nuts with our admiration.

Later on in the night, we all went to The Family Wash to see Earl Scruggs' grandson mimic Hank Williams Senior. Ben & Audrey & I asked Casal all about his time with The Cardinals. We mentioned the times we've seen Ryan live and Casal remembered every detail of everything (my thoughts are because he takes so many photos). Ben mentioned how he learned "Let It Ride" on guitar by watching a BBC performance they did in Ireland. He remembered that performance well, telling us what kind of Scotch him and Adams drank after the show and how many hours of sleep he got the night before and the arguments that him and Adams would get into. We asked him what it was like to get left on the curb last year when Adams decided to move on to different things. He told us that Adams was great to work with and that it's disappointing to not be around Adams as much anymore. He ended up explaining to us that Adams is forming a new band this year. Ben and I mentioned that Adams set the bar pretty high with The Cardinals. I also asked him if he knows Taylor Dudney (since Taylor's uncle, Brad Pemberton, played drums in The Cardinals) but he said he didn't.

When I listen to Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, I never think to myself, "Oh, that's Catherine Popper playing piano right now." Or ohhhh that's Jon Graboff or Chris Feinstein or J.P. Bowersock. But when I hear Casal, I know it's him, because he's got really distinctive style.

So meeting him was pretty special.

He told us that he is coming out with a book of photography on February 23rd, called Ryan Adams & the Cardinals: A View of Other Windows. He told us this book is very meaningful to him and that he's extremely excited for it to come out. He said the book has over 200 photos that share an inside scope on Ryan Adams, The Cardinals, and especially note the importance of Chris Feinstein's life (he died over Christmas break in 2009 and was known as Space Wolf and contributed bass guitar to The Cardinals).

Casal has a website where you can view his photography. His stuff is pretty amazing, recapping memories he has with The Cardinals and also Vetiver, Willie Nelson, Oasis, Martha Wainwright, and Jenny Lewis.

Here are some of my favorites of his photography:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Elinor Scott-Sutter

I was in Art History tonight and my friend, Bonnie Britt, was sitting next to me. She was looking at photos by this girl, Elinor Scott-Sutter, on her website "Equivoque Photography".

Her photos are pretty amazing. My mouth was dropping on a lot of them, probably a little bit of drool involved.

Here are some of my favorites:


I just prayed probably my favorite prayer I've ever prayed. Not really, but it's up there.

I just prayed that God would get rid of the internet, cell phones, and T.V.

I realize there is certain technology we need. Doctors would be screwed without certain technology. I know they need Defibrillators (yes I know what this is...thank you Life Guard Training!). But do they need internet and cell phones? I think I can argue that they absolutely do not.

My brother and I were talking about cell phones a few weeks ago. Ben was saying how much he wishes he didn't NEED a cell phone. Ben wishes he could just have a landline and people call him that way. Apparently, Bill Murray doesn't have a cell phone. He becomes cooler every day, am I not right?

I think I hate that I wrote that note on Facebook a month ago, beckoning blog friends to write more. Well, maybe you are just a better person than I am and you actually write in a moleskine. God bless your amazing soul!

Where would I be without technology? I don't want to sound discontent with my life (like some sort of pessimistic Peggy Sue)... but I think I'd be much happier. I would probably feel much more whole. I think we'd be so much closer to everyone we know. I think I would understand all of the 30 second encounters with random acquaintances I make every day. I think most of us feel like we are keeping in touch with every one around us better with Facebook.... but I argue we would keep in touch so much better without Facebook. I'm not trying to start a revolution, I'm just speaking for myself I guess.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jónsi Music Video

Man, the filters they use in this video are so beautiful. And the way it's edited is so awesome.

Download "Go Do".

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jonsi - Go Do

So, hopefully you guys have heard the 3 songs I posted of Jonsi live on WNYC. They are pretty amazing.

Here is "Go Do" just as it appears on the album.

So amazing.

New Camera

So I'm sorry if this is annoying (makes you jealous, you want to give me a dead arm), but I can't really contain my excitement.

I'm getting a Canon 5D with a 28mm f1.8 lens.

Canon 5D SLR

28mm f1.8 lens

I recommend watching these on Vimeo in High Def.

canon 5d:

San Francisco's People. Canon 5DmkII 24p from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Here is a short time lapse testing the Canon 5D:

Zoom H4n + Canon 5D Mark II + Timelapse @ 9000ft from iamkalaniprince on Vimeo.

This is so amazing. Again, testing the Canon 5D:

Canon 5DMark II + Time lapse + Zoom H4n + inspired by Tom@Timescapes & Philip Bloom from iamkalaniprince on Vimeo.

Canon 5D:

Canon 5D Mark II + B&W + Salad Face from iamkalaniprince on Vimeo.

*sigh* ahhhhhhh.....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blue Valentine

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are in a movie that is coming out sometime this spring.

Watch a clip from it here.

A complex portrait of a contemporary American marriage, "Blue Valentine" tells the story of David and Cindy, a couple who have been together for several years but who are at an impasse in their relationship. While Cindy has blossomed into a woman with opportunities and options, David is still the same person he was when they met, and is unable to accept either Cindy's growth or his lack of it. Innovatively structured, the narrative unfolds in two distinct time frames, juxtaposing scenes of first love and youthful sexuality, with those of disenchantment and discord.

I Can't Sleep Again

I'm spending the night at Austin's house tonight. It's very peaceful here. I can see through the window a road where tumbleweed might pass over with heavy cricket noise.

Austin and I watched Lost earlier tonight with a bunch of people who haven't watched much Lost and therefore don't know what's going on. But really, I have no idea what's going on. I assume I won't know what's going on until the season finale. (If you haven't watched it yet... don't keep reading). The "hole in the wall" temple and the pirate-looking people and the hippie who resembles John Lennon (not at all actually) were really stupid-looking to me. It was hard for me to get past that Asian pirate who likes to grow Basil. Don't get me wrong. I still love Lost. I want the crew to all be back together again. Is that too much to ask for? I want Desmond and Charlie to be central characters again!

Austin and I also watched The Graduate earlier tonight. Dustin Hoffman's expressions are priceless. I couldn't stop laughing in certain scenes. My favorite scene in the whole movie is when Benjamin (Hoffman) is telling his dad, Mr. Braddock, that he wants to marry Elaine.

Mr. Braddock: Don't you think that idea is a little half-baked?
Benjamin: Oh no, Dad, it's completely baked.

I talked to my mom earlier this week about taking money out of my savings for a new camera. I can't stress to you how excited this makes me.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Comfortable In My Skin

Hearts have their seasons.
Mine coldens with no colors
along with my bare sinews.

My muscles tangle
in gory evilish fright.
But would like to move.

I want flowing love.
I want to effloresce strong.
I want God's moist soil.

I want blind love bad.
I want to see all nothing.
I want a stabbed eye.

I want to cuss loud.
I want a reason to scream.
I want to feel things.

I want to romance.
I want my dream girl right here.
I want to kiss her.

I want to jump down.
I want to break my ladder.
I want to flourish.

I want to kill hate.
I want to piss on Satan.
I want him to cry.

I want him to die.
I want all the worst for him.
I want to leave him.

I want to let go.
I want to burn my material.
I want to fly high.

I want to forget.
I won't forget I'm human.
I want to ignore.

I want to pass it.
I want to jump off the building.

I want to be me.
Comfortable in my skin.