Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Camera

So I'm sorry if this is annoying (makes you jealous, you want to give me a dead arm), but I can't really contain my excitement.

I'm getting a Canon 5D with a 28mm f1.8 lens.

Canon 5D SLR

28mm f1.8 lens

I recommend watching these on Vimeo in High Def.

canon 5d:

San Francisco's People. Canon 5DmkII 24p from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Here is a short time lapse testing the Canon 5D:

Zoom H4n + Canon 5D Mark II + Timelapse @ 9000ft from iamkalaniprince on Vimeo.

This is so amazing. Again, testing the Canon 5D:

Canon 5DMark II + Time lapse + Zoom H4n + inspired by Tom@Timescapes & Philip Bloom from iamkalaniprince on Vimeo.

Canon 5D:

Canon 5D Mark II + B&W + Salad Face from iamkalaniprince on Vimeo.

*sigh* ahhhhhhh.....

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