Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Comfortable In My Skin

Hearts have their seasons.
Mine coldens with no colors
along with my bare sinews.

My muscles tangle
in gory evilish fright.
But would like to move.

I want flowing love.
I want to effloresce strong.
I want God's moist soil.

I want blind love bad.
I want to see all nothing.
I want a stabbed eye.

I want to cuss loud.
I want a reason to scream.
I want to feel things.

I want to romance.
I want my dream girl right here.
I want to kiss her.

I want to jump down.
I want to break my ladder.
I want to flourish.

I want to kill hate.
I want to piss on Satan.
I want him to cry.

I want him to die.
I want all the worst for him.
I want to leave him.

I want to let go.
I want to burn my material.
I want to fly high.

I want to forget.
I won't forget I'm human.
I want to ignore.

I want to pass it.
I want to jump off the building.

I want to be me.
Comfortable in my skin.

1 comment:

benjamin said...

and this makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

i can't think of a better compliment.