Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Envy

I'm glad I have friends that have taste.

I don't really understand how artists can put really sad lyrics to gross pop. The kind of music that will play on the radio and people will listen to it with all the windows rolled down and screaming. I mean, these artists impress me. They seem so sad and yet they put their heart out there, ya know?

I wish my throat didn't bubble up when I try to hit the high note, so that if I screamed, it seems like a much more fit way of talking my demons down.

I wish I was more afraid of God than my demons. I wish I didn't even give demons any credit. They like it when I fear them. Your deepest suffering glares at you with beady eyes, surfacing the night, all stealthy in the fog. They're sorta waiting to crawl towards you and you won't even see them because you can't really see that well.

I'm jealous of the one that makes the black and white keys on a piano soaking wet.

It's maddening when you can't articulate yourself and you keep punching yourself in the eye because you can't speak or see.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Mess

Old Lady Magdalene looks up to Annie Leibovitz.
Maybe Maggie just snaps these photos to do something pretty justice,
but really she wants to redeem the mess
just as well as Mrs. Leibovitz does.

Neil Young looks Christ-like, all alcoholic and all.
Just as well, Maggie snaps a shot of a fox dying
and provokes the thought, maybe the fox died gracefully?

The fox is bloodied up all so refreshingly.

You might see your sibling scream at your mom
and hopefully it will make you as happy as it makes me
because a lot of things happy stem from something messed up.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hotel Room

"Susie, you think hotel rooms are mundane?"

Susie says, "Well, there's no personality."

"Look, it's spacious room that a king would feel overwhelmed in, but a king size bed to calm him down."

Susie sarcastically says, "Well, that's fitting."

Hotel rooms seem to remove you from using your materials. At our home, I'll take my body pillow and put it in between my legs and rest my glasses sitting in the blinds, and have my collection of wine bottles stacked next to the VHS player. Everything in here is sorta representing who I am. In a hotel room, you'll have to use 3 sizes of pillows.

In the hotel room, it's raining outside and the TV is as warm as a fireplace. Good Will Hunting is on and you are walking out of the bathroom with your towel wrapped 'round you like a dress. The shower's dew drips off your hair like it's a blade of grass in the morning time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

...If You Sleep That Good

I made this over the summer, but I figured I might as well post it on my blog.

Here you go:


The water is silk but is heavy when an ocean.
I swim inside it but can't find my way out.
Something really pretty is only overwhelming.