Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hotel Room

"Susie, you think hotel rooms are mundane?"

Susie says, "Well, there's no personality."

"Look, it's spacious room that a king would feel overwhelmed in, but a king size bed to calm him down."

Susie sarcastically says, "Well, that's fitting."

Hotel rooms seem to remove you from using your materials. At our home, I'll take my body pillow and put it in between my legs and rest my glasses sitting in the blinds, and have my collection of wine bottles stacked next to the VHS player. Everything in here is sorta representing who I am. In a hotel room, you'll have to use 3 sizes of pillows.

In the hotel room, it's raining outside and the TV is as warm as a fireplace. Good Will Hunting is on and you are walking out of the bathroom with your towel wrapped 'round you like a dress. The shower's dew drips off your hair like it's a blade of grass in the morning time.

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