Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Susy Anne's Nap Sack

Why certainly you must pass me my
glasses next to the ash tray.

(ashes spill to thrillfully hand you
what you've asked for)

You okay there sitting comfortably
in my nap sack?

(a slight movement of your hand's
favorite finger)

This action suggests the nap sack's
as much yours as mine.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Heart

A heart that brings
stomach problems.
My mind rests for a while
but only because my heart
is heavier than should be.

A heart that stings.
Fake palindromes.
My kind is a different style
but only because my part
is more clever than should be.

A heart that rings
in a lake of hopeful gems.
I find your love tart
but only because my heart
is not loved back by you.

as you block my view

oh, ok you're humming the clarinet part
of that song...

..."Warlock", i'll tap your stomach to help
you remember.

why would that help dear, you know i'll
remember if...

...i do an impersonation while standing
up with the glass in my hand?

yea, it always helps when you do the fake
drunk impression.

as getting up
your glass spills lilac wine on my radio.

as getting up
i take your hand so you don't break a leg.

you point out the new citrus moon sun
as you block my view.

i've always liked when you point somewhere
as you block my view.

leave me be.

I sit now with legs crossed
glad mom taught me how to sit

Shut up, I'll pose how I want
more mature than your mouth.

I look mature, not showing
my spiky words never spoken

Honestly I am
the evil you'll never know.
So just
leave me be.

Vermillion Tongue

Draw tight your utmost.
Bury it in your body’s warm chamber
where you will find a projector projecting
math equations onto the inner skin of your stomach.

Broadcast the creamed Mormon rain of stars,
tossing sandy milky ways into thin air.

Work on your composure and straighten your shoulders
or the leopard moon will leap upon you and shank your back
with a fine blade among the lick of his vermillion tongue.

The sour and sultry girl (pt. 2)

you kill eyes
you little sultry gal
muddied my vision
of everything surrounding you.

you're ocean is distracting
its gleam shot my eye
like a rave club shoots my ear
with techno, hypnotic trances.

i bought glasses because of you.
thanks a lot.

if someone
walks in to this coffee shop
they may think
they have astigmatisms in both eyes...

or atleast one.

you're a joke you're too sightly.

The sour and sultry girl

Dear sour and sultry girl,
you chilled my spine yesterday.

you look only at the pages
when you read a book
and never remove your eyes
when you try
to put the straw in your mouth.

i look only at you
when i sip the same coffee
and i never remove my eyes
when i try
to put the straw in my mouth.

Remind yourself,
you're pungent.
and i'll remind them
ladies and gentleman,
watch out for this one.
she's a killer.

You'll never know me if you sleep that good.

I can't fall asleep good
Shit, you're asleep

I wish you had trouble sleeping
then you'd know me

You hear me mumble words during the day
that I'll say clear that night.

You're fast asleep and I'm talking to you
Wake up
so you can hear me love you.


These puddles reflect our rainy days
when I'd push her into mud
and she'd laugh
pulling me in.

I'd push her in the mud
so I'd have the
privilege of cleaning
the mud off her

as I'd hum the beat of my heart to her.