Friday, February 19, 2010

Prayer: Haiti, Liberia, Ross Family

There is way too much on my heart right now. We need to be praying.

1) Pray for Haiti. For obvious reasons. They need our prayer desperately.

2) Pray for Liberia. Ben (my bro) blogged about Liberia earlier this week. There is a video below, if you are interested. It's a little less than an hour long, but it's well worth watching. If you're going to watch the video, there's no reason to read what I write. But to explain to those who don't find time to watch the video, please read.

The video touched my heart and really gave me a lot to think about. A group of people from Vice magazine went into Liberia and interviewed many ex-combatant Liberians and filmed all of it to raise awareness of all the crap going on. If other countries don't step in and help Liberia with their ridiculously weighty problems (rape, cannibalism, drugs, malaria, aids, shit and piss everywhere), then there is going to be a sad sad bloodbath that will happen... because the U.N. will leave West Point (worst place in Liberia) next year. The legacy of civil war in Liberia is staggering. It's the 4th poorest country in the world. 50% of the country is illiterate. 70% of the female population has been raped! 80% of the population is unemployed. And a large % of the pop. has eaten human flesh!!! One of the warlords responsible for these atrocities, who fought in all 3 civil wars, says that if the U.N. leaves, then the youth of Liberia will start a war in less than 3 hours. There will be millions of Liberians dying dramatic deaths. There have already been some devastating wars fought (butt naked) where children's hearts have been ripped out from their chests.

With our prayers, God can move in even more mysterious ways than our small minds can grasp.

3) Pray for the Ross family. Barb Ross (who worked in the C.P.A. cafeteria) is going through a lot of sadness right now and it absolutely breaks my heart. Her husband (Bill Ross) committed suicide last week. There is no need to explain how he did it.

Barb has 2 daughters. Kelly Ross (who is a senior at C.P.A.) and Casey Ross (who is also at C.P.A.). Obviously, there is a lot of emotion stirring in their hearts. Pray that C.P.A. would help the Ross family out with tuition and other finances (since the financial supporter of the family is now gone).

I don't know a lot of the people that go to C.P.A. nowadays, but from what Wade Holmes has told me, there is a lot of terrible stuff going on. This is Wade's first year that he isn't going to Destin with his senior guys' Discipleship group. The reason is because these guys wanna get drunk and don't want Wade around. So Wade isn't going because he doesn't wanna be held responsible for these guys drinking the whole time (there's not much he can do about it). But there's something God can do about it. I think God is going to stir a revival at C.P.A. And the incident with the Ross family could be a catalyst for that.

A lot of students at C.P.A. are making stupid choices. A C.P.A. sophomore committed suicide last year. Many many parents have died in the past couple years at C.P.A. Let's just say, there is a LOT of crap going on at C.P.A....good or bad. But I think this incident with the Ross family is going to spread like wild fire. It shows in this video (it actually sent chills up my spine).

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