Friday, July 4, 2008

Happen A Lot To Me

The stars are perfect here. Only kings and queens come across this.

Sam, you wear your hoodie like a queen, but I ask of you, "Won't you come out from under there? Star gazing's a two person thing, ya know?"

We dangle our feet above the quarry of Swayva Vas. Your shoe falls off and in its tide.

"Oh, the moonlit sky -its mirror is now broken!"

I always liked how you called water, a mirror.

"Sam, everything will be fine. We'll just make our way down where the water comes up."

Headaches can come when you feel every terrible thing is pressing down on you in the same moment. But all you did was lose your shoe.

"Sam, it's a shoe, don't give me that face."

I kind of like how a girl makes a small something into the world's number one historical tragedy. We'll probably find the damn shoe.

You slowly but surely wade out into the tide of Swayva Vas. You look scared that the fish might bite - curling your lips and blenching with a pale face, as if to say, "God, why have you forsaken me?"

Samantha, how you do. I tell you, "You're already wet, so get soaked. You really need not be afraid of the fish. They won't bite."

The real tragedy begins when a fish dies in a pond he's kind of claimed his territory over a certain number of years. The tragedy ends when you realize kings replace each other and everything runs in a circle. You become a fool when you forget that a story can repeat itself and good things happen more than once.

You're a good thing, so you best be happening a lot to me.


adam brimer said...

i like that.

Jessika Doyel said...

i'm glad that you're writing more often

Ethan said...

yes, i agree with jessika.
so write moooore.