Thursday, January 8, 2009


Orri divides his bangs to the right of his eyes. Glasses help a lot of us keep the hair out of our eyes, setting the strands of hair on the marble-covered wiring that walks to your ear. Orri typically wants to get a better look at the girl three people in front of him at the coffee shop; she's got these real cool tattoos of flowers that are brightly colored just above her toe cleavage, right where the pant leg ends, depending on her pant size, obviously.

Tonight, however, Orri just wants to see the stars. And just like the pants, there are always completely different sizes of jet streams that conflict with star gazing. You'll see what you think is an undiscovered constellation, but really some pilot is messing with you. Just as the moon helps emphasize the diamonds in the sidewalk, anything metallic will shoot out.

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