Thursday, April 2, 2009

Painting: "Beautiful Night Out"

For this painting, we find a comic strip and copy it exactly in the form of a painting (and I mean exactly). The point of this lesson is to learn how to mix colors better and to help you control your hand by painting lines in a very controlled manner. It was pretty tedious and most of the time I just wanted to move my brush across the whole canvas in one fluid motion, but I had to be really careful not to mess up the whole time. It was pretty frustrating at times.

So the comic I chose is completely irrelevant to me. I just searched "funny simple comic strip" on google images and this is what it gave me:

So here's my painting, it's 4x5 feet tall:

The purple sky was for some reason really hard for me to get just right. It just never turned out. I had to do 3 layers..trying to get it just right, but alas. Her shirt and his jacket were really hard too. I couldn't figure out what colors to mix to get them just right. I obviously need more yellow in his jacket.

I wish I had chosen something more relevant to me, maybe a cartoon I watched as a kid or comic strip I would read in the Sunday Tom and Jerry or something. But this painting actually works strangely well with my 1st painting (the abstract one), they work really well as a diptych.


benjamin said...

cool will. yea i was always awful at mixing colors to get a specific combination. i just liked making my own colors.

i guess this is the assignment where beth meadows did police chief wiggum? you think?

Will Rucker said...

yea probably. she had michael brakke as her her teacher too so he probably gave her pretty similar assignments.

lizkirk said...

this looks really cool, will.
do you have pictures of your big one yet?