Monday, November 30, 2009

Normal Nashville: Aesthetics


I don't know if I'm misunderstood all the time or just a lot of the time. But who cares? Some lady is talking about this talk-show-host she has a crush on.

Chicken Salad Sandwich:
Watkins Cafeteria

I cannot believe I don't know the cashier's name! I see her everyday and tip her reasonably.
Sometimes I don't visualize a person as a person.

Austin's front porch

I've got nothing to say, but I'd like to say nothing. We've been in the same city for a while.

My choice quiet spot:
abandoned barn near the street of Pasquo

I love walking my dog when she sniffs the wind and understands it.

Whiskey at night:
My spiritual back porch

I've never noticed until now; there are so many holes in our screened-in porch.
Hummingbirds trap themselves in here all the time, during the day.
At night, they flutter less
and use spider silk to bind their nest to its support.
The nest expands with the growing young.

My love is not blind
for I see everything.