Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nashville Skyline

I filmed this on my new camera. The Canon 5D Mark II. Audrey, Amanda, Andrea, Adam, Ben, and I hanging out in downtown Nashville. We went to Peter's Sushi and Thai, Dan McGuinness Pub, and Adam's hotel he was staying at.

Sam Quinn and Japan Ten - "Fanboy"


Ethan said...

this is so successful! has such a happy mood. I love this, broham.

Jessika said...

me too. this made me happy.
annd, that camera is quality.

lizaloo said...

1. this makes me miss nashville so much.
2. the video quality on that camera is incredible. you're going to make some great stuff with it... like this one. (loved it)
3. we need to go on photographic expeditions this summer.