Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taxicab Racers

Taxicab Racers played a show at 12th and Porter in mid-May, 2010. Taxicab Racers is Michael Roddy, Nate Zensen, Adam Newport, and Josh Dillard.

Roddy writes, "Taxicab Racers in its present form is a channeling of rock and dance music. Beneath the surface of swirling arpeggiators and club-friendly leads, you will find a humble pop song that could just as easily be played on a simple instrument. It is poignant dance music without all the repetition and indulgence; ear candy but with a hint of substance. We believe all great melodic ideas start from a core, and if that core is healthy, a great song is produced. I feel that this is the strongest version of Taxicab Racers yet, and from this healthy center you can expect great things to come."

Make sure you watch them in HD by clicking on the bottom right of the video.

Heavy Heart

In Mind

Take It Easy

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