Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tear Off Your Filth

Not really sure what you are

in doing life.

How much am I willing to give
in making myself naked.

I am nothing without nudity -
The world made my skin.
God made my Heart.

I want to rip off my skin
and throw my heart on the ground
and I ask you,
God! Please, rescue me from bondage.

Boring people get bored.

I want a brain filled with images
of broken people coming to your seat
and throwing flowers in the air
and screaming the Gospel with mouths
throwing up flies that resemble sin and filth
and God takes all of the flies and puts them in a cup
and burns and melts the cup in His hand.

People will scream God's truth
with cynicism left behind.

Dear Lord,
I love You.

So much.

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