Friday, March 4, 2011

Sam Quinn & Japan Ten

You may know Sam as half of "the everybodyfields". These days, he lives in Knoxville pursuing a solo career. Sam has a dry and strange sense of humor that typically plays off of very painful matters. His lyrics grab specific Knoxville scenery, observing the feelings that, for me, are rarely ever anything more than a sub-conscious feeling - I have no idea why the imagery along Meads quarry and North Central churn and burn in my chest. He probably doesn't either, but he sure has made some great songs out of them. When I listen to his music, I'm a little jealous because I would have loved to say for myself: "Still the salt, it finds my wounds".

Make sure you watch the video in HD by clicking on the bottom right of the video.



So Strong




Mardi Gras

It Doesn't Matter

Suite: Motown

Help Me

I Can't Sleep

Late the Other Night

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