Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Red Carpet Martinis

I've always wondered how celebrities become such good friends. Do they just meet each other on the red carpet with Martini's in their hands and say "Toast"? Jimmie Stewart and Donna Reed are probably standing there on the red carpet and see that the host of that year's 1945 oscars, Jack Benny, is walking towards them and so they start talking to each other in order to escape an awkward interview. And so then they strike up this conversation and realize all that they have in common. They both like Martini's. What could go wrong? It is a wonderful life. Or I bet some actress heard some musician's No. 1 hit on the radio and just dug his groove. And so maybe she called him up and asked him to meet her for coffee. Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe probably got caffeinated a lot together when 5 & diners were the shit.

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benjamin said...

conor oberst was probably writing 'landlocked blues' and was like, "yo, i need some ho to sing backup on this track! anybody got that fiiiine white-haired lady's digits? you know, that biiatch that gram parsons got jiggy wit."