Thursday, August 20, 2009

Something Needs To Penetrate My Nerve

Something Needs To Penetrate My Nerve

Often, I stare at my invisible self and I obviously don't see anything.

Something needs to penetrate my nerve, maybe perhaps I grow more appreciative of the busy traffic outside the window, what with it being a 3-way intersection and all.

Minds will stammer and falter and will not drip.
Art is a person and he intimidates.
Not Art Garfunkel. The art itself is something of a metaphor.
It can embody J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan or something pretty similar to it.
Something I'm childish enough to understand.

God floods flowers in bloom all over the backyard.
Like a glacier calving and the sound of it breaking off intensely gently like 5 million suns scientists hesitate to acknowledge.

God fiercely cusses marks all over the horizon and we're pretty dumb to walk away not moved a bit.

The ocean takes itself too seriously to laugh. But at least it concentrates.

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