Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'll never forget any of it

Jónsi is screaming and stretching his veins in his neck.
It sorta hurts to thinks about how long he is resonating that note,
crooning an angelic pierce like hungry humans
some hungry for attention -

Some have that fervid pump in them
that you can see in their chest from forever away,
becoming a song that reaches for forever away,
ripened into something more familiar and homey
and calming -
but always an acquired taste,
like an ice cold goose flesh bath
that will probably take a certain bruise away
always sucks getting into at first
but once you're good you're good.

Uncomfortable couches that all remind me of staying up
three hours too late on CPA school nights-
waiting for Carson Daly the tool to come on
and have terrible talk show guests that I watch
only because Sigur Ros comes on last
but worth it more than enough
since I still remember it
more memorable than most things I've seen in life.

It happened when I was in 8th grade maybe a Freshman and I'll never forget it
but really I'll never forget any of it,
really it's all historic.

1 comment:

benjamin said...

"who's the musical guest?" -either one of us on any given weeknight from 1999-2003, before we realized that the internet could answer any question at the click of a button, when we would watch boring guests on letterman and leno just so we could see the opening titles of conan in hopes that the musical guest would meet with our approval... those were the days...