Saturday, June 20, 2009


So, I've had many people mention to me that the "sweet lil gal" line is pretty cheesy in this me, I know. And I don't expect anyone to understand why I say it. I say, "Did I have a re-occurring dream where I meet that sweet lil gal and we go slow dance down by that barn", because I am mocking my own dreams. I am complacent towards my dreams, because I think my dreams are boringly re-occurring, which always invalidly disappoints me and starts my day off on a bad foot.

So I spent a pretty long time on this video. I think this video is a breakthrough for me, because I learned a lot by experimenting with new ideas and I grew a lot by committing to the undying nature of meticulousness. I now see the worthiness in editing patience. This was all filmed on my Sony Handycam and all edited on I-Movie HD '06.

The first song (Andrew Bird's "Simple X") is a song you can go pretty in-depth with, as far as song analysis goes. Andrew Bird said in an interview once that the song is a bit about breakfast, or that period of the day, being a possible key to world peace. There is a reference to Serotonin.......low levels are associated with depression but we all feel a bit groggy when we get up. Food releases endorphines which release serotonin and makes us feel better. This song is about breakfast in which case it basically is referring to how having breakfast will make you feel better.

"Will, wake up...

*sigh* I hate this.

Why'd I just take that pill? I don't have a headache.

What did I dream last night? Did I have a reoccurring dream where I meet that sweet lil gal and we go slow dance down by that barn?

I feel complacent. I worked out yesterday, right? I think. Yea, I did. My muscles are really tight, but I think I'm just...not very excited about today....I'm always tighter when I'm not excited.

I think...I'm supposed to just...sit.

But I hear the dogs next door bark and the spirits leave the room because I am too angry for them to tolerate. It's as if I need to be shot in the arm.

Things start moving in slow motion the very moment I realize I've disappeared from everyone. And it all goes black right before I come back."

1) Andrew Bird - "Simple X"
2) Wilco - "This Is New (The Explanation)"
3) Múm - "K/Half Noise"
4a) Wilco - "This Is New (The Explanation)" --- mixed on Garageband...messed around with the treble and reverb and pitch
4b) Wilco - "Poor Places"
4c) Sound effects taken from : ice clinking in glass, underwater, iceberg collapsing, etc.
5) Sigur Rós - Með Blóðnasir


Jessika Doyel said...

just so you know
this is really fantastic.

lizkirk said...


max. said...

this is your best work yet. but you already know this because i told you in person.

syllogisms said...

wow.very good!
One of those videos that I bet I will think of often.
I can see you going big places my friend!