Friday, August 15, 2008

Max Patch: Part 2 - Kissing Is for the Birds / Moon's Romance

We couldn't quite find a spot bare of dead skin, so my ass is probably gonna be sore.

Mo keeps yapping about how he wishes I were a girl. I can't help but wish the same of him. There are some timely moments for wishing there was a girl by your side. Especially when there's dead skin all around you and your ass is sore as hell.

Mo starts talking about the same girl every time. "She used to enjoy kissing me when my beard got long."

I can almost complete his sentences... "Once you grow your 49th beard, she starts getting irritated with it."

Mo always adds some intense, graphic detail in there to try and make you think he's more of a man than you are, or really just that he's a better kisser than you will ever be. Of course, he'll say it like he's reading it out of a Faulkner novel or something, just to show that he's also more pensive than you. He'll say, "I red her lips with scratchy loose furs and her lips bleed from my biting."

Does he think I'm gonna say "Cool" to that?

I think to myself, surely the moon-rise says "Goodbye" or "Goodnight" to the sun as it's setting. Surely, the two have some sort of relationship, but I don't know if the moon would make the sun's lips bleed. I think Moon just takes Sun out on dates sometimes. They probably go to some quaint and fancy restaurant and sit in the back underneath the television that all the other eaters are looking at, yelling, "Gooooaaaaaallll!!!" Moon probably pours Sun some Brandy or Scotch or some sophisticated drink as they laugh about the silliest of stars.


lizkirk said...

this is really cool, will. for a moment i felt like i was reading catcher in the rye. you are a talented writer.

Jessika Doyel said...

will rucker i'm so glad you're writing again.
this really is lovely :)