Monday, February 16, 2009

Bad transmission, pranked rooms, and old art...

I went to Nashville this past weekend. Well, on the way back to Knoxville from Nashville, my car freaked out and started idoling and shaking. So I pulled over on the side of the interstate, about half way between Nash and Knox. I popped my hood, and kept my car running and looked at my hood stuff (I know a lot about cars, 08). So, I called Bo to see where he was at because he went to Nash too. Turns out, he's conveniently 5 miles behind me. So he pulls up and helps me out. I call my mom. She finds this tow truck guy (Thank you so much for doing this mom. I love you.) and the tow truck guy gets there within 15 minutes or so. Well, he gets it towed to his shop to do some diagnostics on my Camry. (I found out today that it was the transmission that was messed up and it's going to be expensive. Please pray for my financial situation right now, thanks).

Well, me and Bo head back to Knox. I get home at around 1 to find my room in Bo's room and Bo's room in my room. Punk'd! Ashton Kutcher, I'm gonna get you! Someone moved all the furniture from my room into Bo's room and all Bo's furniture into my room. Awesome. I wasn't in the greatest mood at the moment, so I was only able to say "this is actually kind of genius" but without laughing too hard about it. I was a little down today because of my car costs and then having to take a couple hours out of my day today to move back into my room and not being able to find my phone charger because someone decided to hide it under my bed and and so I couldn't charge my phone so I couldn't call the tow truck guy. And they shattered part of a lamp that belonged to my grandfather that passed away a couple of years ago. Sorry, I'm just venting still. (Whoever you are, you are so screwed! I've already started writing down ideas of how I'm gonna prank you. You're in for it...I mean...I AM a painting major. I could paint your house pink if I wanted to. And English majors can do that...wink wink, Bo's in on this with me.)

Other than all the's kind of nice not having a car. This morning, Michael gave me a ride to class and it was nice not having to worry about wasting gas. And then, after class I walked home. It was a good 3 mile walk or so. It was strangely enjoyable. I found a cool necklace on the Gay Street bridge and I walked into this store "Rewound" to purchase sweet 2 dollar shades that I badly needed so I'm not blinded when I drive.

Shades, necklace, and Oreo's:

Oh, and I found some old art of mine. None of it is good, but I think they're funny for some reason.

4th grade. It's supposed to be a canoe in water:

I did this in 7th grade. It's supposed to be Jonsi from Sigur Ros:

Freshman year of high school, some black farmer in a National Geographic:

Senior year of high school, I have no idea what this is supposed to be:

I'll put up some of my Intaglio prints and my painting soon...


Jessie said...


Do not worry about your car. I just thanked God in the way He provided. There was Bo just behind you on the interstate. Otherwise, I would have had to come pick you up and drive you to school. That would have been a 6 hour round trip. I also found someone to rebuild your transmission which saves $2000. You have to find the good because "life happens."
Love, Mom

michael said...

i laughed at this post. its great. especially the pictures and the shout out to the late great Ashton Kutcher.

dude you have infinite rides with me. come get some goulash when you feel it to be appropriate.