Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Forgetful Killer

I wrote this poem called, "Forgetful Killer" and thought it would work really well with some of the video footage I've been taking lately in the snow.

This vid actually took me a while to make. I sat in Cafe 4 for like 4 hours working on this. I really like the way it turned out though. I'm actually very pleased with it.


Forgetful Killer
by Will Rucker

Bipolar breeze, still and occasionally shooting.
Tension strikes when the stillness of the air creates silence and emphasizes sticks cracking underneath someone's slow steps.

Surely, that's him there....

I can see the man with the tucked skin on his forehead. He doesn't see me seeing him. He's too concentrated squinting focus down the barrel of the gun.

I remember what if felt like to forget the person sees you.
The killer becomes too comfortable with his hiding place.


I got the idea for this video from watching this video:

I love the way they did the subtitles in it. I just thought it was strangely effective. So I decided to try and emulate that. My poem was also pretty much inspired by "The Road". It isn't related to the context of "The Road" at all really, more so just the style.

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benjamin said...

have you finished the road yet? man, its so good - i think i wanna read it again...