Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter Semantics

It snowed again! And this time...even better than before. Jeff and Michael and Ethan were at class and Bo was skyping Kendall and so I decided to take a solo adventure in the snow. So...I headed to the quarry.

Logical sequence of conversation: "There's Ijam's...Ijam's probably looks sweet right now." "It's like an Icee." "Then we won't have school tomorrow." "But right now, we're going to the quarry... right near my house."

1 comment:

benjamin said...

a) of course it would snow relatively well the one winter i am on a caribbean island. hrmmph.

b) is kendall in another country or something? why was bo skyping her?

c) make audrey go to antony and the johnsons with you

d) fetus muffin

e) etc.